Przemysław Rudź – Cerulean Legacy

Przemysław Rudź - Cerulean Legacy

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Przemysław Rudź – Cerulean Legacy
CD,, 2011

After finishing his previous trilogy, Polish synthesist Przemysław Rudź brings us a new concept album of progressive electronics, in which the technology theme remains a core element.

At first the music didn’t really touch me nor seemed it that cohesive, but this changed after I had several closer listens to the five lenghty pieces. Starting out quite droney with “Farewell to tranquil existence”, Mr Rudź fortunately shifted to more spacy and up-tempo compositions.

As the album evolves, one even finds some energetic, sequencer-driven spots and phases in his overal spatial music, which is spiced with an assortment of sound samples. The short “Gaia’s Prophetic Dream”, featuring Jarek Figura on guitar, sounds experimental and rather out of place here.

Fortunately it’s followed by the lush, highly atmospheric “Two Days after Extinction”, on which pulsating sequencers enter the stage around the 15-minute mark. The closing track though, “The Power of Mind” featuring fragments of a Stephen Hawking lecture, reaches an even higher level. Here one truly enters worlds of imagination which on the other hand seem and and feel so close to reality…


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