Przemysław Rudź – Cosmological Tales

Przemysław Rudź - Cosmological Tales

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Przemysław Rudź – Cosmological Tales
CD,, 2010

With “Cosmological Tales”, Polish synthesist Przemysław Rudź present us his second album, a recording graced with a fresh, melodic, vibrant and well-produced sound.

The cd fires off with a fine combination of well-tempered sequencers and rhythms building a bridge with pads of warm digital and analogue sound, with some infectious solos served on top.
The third track “Let there be Light”, clocking at 14 minutes, though sets off in an experimental vein, but fortunately the music starts to slowly shift to more harmonious output later on, although it doesn’t get near the sweeping impact of the previous pieces.

The 20-minute “Islands of the Universe” also has a long atmospheric intro-section before a hypnotizing, minimal sequencer patterns and effects keep spiralling up and down. After a break with a kind of cosmic blasts and sonic whirls the music seeks its way out with a mesmerizing sequencer motif.

On “We Live Here”. Mr Rudź takes the moody, reflective alley with piano, thunder and rain sounds, all making up a fine interlude in which a classic touch is present.
The disc rounds out with the up-tempo “Disputable Future”, which sees one Jarek Figura join Przemysław on e-guitar. After an alienating opening, catchy polyphonic sequencing, drums and analogue synth pads come in, soon followed by energetic guitar solos.

All in all, this album blends the contemporary sound with analogue vibes, but at the same time also turns things inside out and takes it in a different direction. Unfortunately, the second half of the cd also suffers from the expansive sections where the musician seems to be just dabbling around, forgetting he should be moving forward to keep it interesting.


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