Przemysław Rudź – Discreet Charm of an Imperfect Symmetry

Przemysław Rudź - Discreet Charm of an Imperfect Symmetry

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Przemysław Rudź – Discreet Charm of an Imperfect Symmetry

According to the liner notes in the cd-booklet, the music making up “Discreet Charm of an Imperfect Symmetry” is fully improvised, and was accomplished during various sessions in the composer’s studio. It ended up as three movements on this cd, with two guest musicians helping out on two of the tracks.

It can be me, but I think Mr Rudź could have done without the rocking guitar licks kicking in halfway the first movement, as this already featured some very moody, atmospheric and warm synth pads. “Movement 2” takes about six minutes before some consistent freeform soundscapes start to emerge, followed by low basses and spatial sequencing. This is a decent piece of space music with drums showing up around the 15-minute mark, which is also the starting point for the composer to start out on some weary soloing. Cohesion is lost though on the remainder of the track, which sounds like a jam-session with only a fine footage on the first 10-minutes.

So is the final (11-minute) movement any good? No, it’s a bit of a cacophony of floating sounds lacking the framework and content to make any sense. What this album is dearly missing is structure and focus, with this weak and directionless effort as a result.


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