Przemysław Rudź – Summa Technologiae

Przemysław Rudź - Summa Technologiae

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Przemysław Rudź – Summa Technologiae
CD,, 2010

Przemysław Rudź is a Polish musician living in Gdansk, who’s “Summa Technologiae” is a musical interpretation of Stanislav Lem’s book translated into a language of synthetic and mysterious sounds.

After a deep atmospheric intro, “Dilemmas” kicks off with complex, clear sequencer patterns. They don’t evolve any further though, staying too repetive too my liking. The fade-out of this piece also takes far too long.

“Two Evolutions” sound far better to my ears with nice and moody old-school Jarre soundworlds and sequencing, but this feel doesn’t last long as “Space Civilizations” is next. Here the superficial, free form soundscapes stay unattractive, later ending up in the hectic sequencing and busy, chaotic textures of “Intellectronics”.

After quiet, atmospheric sound painting on the fifth piece, the 17-minute “Phantomology” announces itself. It’s the longest trip found here, but all the way also lacking interesting sonic content.
“Creation of the Worlds” fortunately sounds more focussed, but a high solo sound makes it quickly annoying as well. The last piece can’t make things up either.

All in all, the groovy style mixed with chill-out and synth-pop flavours of “Summa Technologiae” just doesn’t do it for me, despite the fresh sound and mastering quality and the beautiful artwork that graces the cd.


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