Psicodreamics – Fantasynth

Psicodreamics - Fantasynth

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Psicodreamics – Fantasynth
CD-R, Private Release, 2009

I must say the chosen title of this album by Salva Moreno (aka Psicodreamics) is a blunder, although I like the nice Gothic cover art in which the cd is wrapped.

The 13 instrumentals on “Fantasynth” are again inspired by fantasy tales and mythology, but this time they are more up-tempo in nature, blending elements of ambient, new age, down-tempo and chill-out.

Unfortunately, the outcome feels unreal, superficial and synthetic to my ears as the music lacks emotion and clearly reveals the limitations of both his musicianship and gear. The symphonic orchestrations are weak, the sampled sounds (like the bagpipe) and the predictable way of composition start to annoy quite easily.

Like his previous albums, this cd is again enhanced with audio and Mp3 files.


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