Psicodreamics – Mythomusic (remastered)

Psicodreamics - Mythomusic (remastered)

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Psicodreamics – Mythomusic (remastered)
CD-R, Private Release, 1997

A while back, Spanish musician Salva Moreno aka Psicodreamics came up with the idea to revisit his album “Mythomusic”, celebrating the 10th anniversary of its creation. He gave the music a thorough remastering to make the music stand out even more. To a certain degree, the 13 neo-classical tracks on the album do have a fantasy-like, cinematic impact, containing sound pads of celestial choirs, piano, strings, percussion and some solo-voices.

To me, “Reaching Sanctissimo” (sounding a bit like the music of Claus Bockstandt) is one of the best tracks, almost a hymn before rhythms spice it up in the second part. The dreamy impact also shines through the other pieces on the album, which all are well composed and played. As sort of “bonus”, this enhanced cd-r also includes audio tracks plus 128kbps encoded mp3 files. Certainly a cd to check out!


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