Psicodreamics – The Garden

Psicodreamics - The Garden

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Psicodreamics – The Garden
CD-R, Private Release, 2000/2006

Like his album “Mythomusic”, the Spanish musician Salva Moreno aka Psicodreamics also give his 2000-album “The Garden” a proper remastering.

The album contains 64 minutes of spiritual, slightly fantasy-like electronic music.

There’s a touch of romance to be found in the uplifting textures and choral passages of these modern electronics, but I found the spoken words, scattered fx’s and giggling quite distracting.
The rhythms are also a weak point within the occasional symphonic realms of music.

All in all, “The Garden” is a nice attempt in modern electronic music which needs to mature. Only a remastering just won’t do.


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