Purfoze – Songs of the Stars (Sterrenstukken)

Purfoze - Songs of the Stars (Sterrenstukken)

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Purfoze – Songs of the Stars (Sterrenstukken)
CD-R, Rhea Music, 1985/2013

“Songs of the Stars” is the second full-length space music album by the Belgium project Purfoze that was originally released on a privately-released cassette in 1985. After the re-release of their classic “Songs of the Earth” on cd-r, it was just a matter of time before this one would also come available somehow after some hard efforts and serious remastering.

The outcome, like the debut release created with analogue equipment only, features 71 minutes of classic, highly cinematic cosmic music painting captivating farscapes of possible worlds and star fields beyond. Stillness and the meditative definitely apply to the soothing, slow morphing textural musings displayed here, which the composers all regard a perfect sequel to “Songs of the Earth”.

The first three pieces are very quiet, followed by the more upfront warm (at times almost melancholic) waves of “Cassiopeia”. After this, the overtly tranquil and sedate spheres return, continuing the slow morphing current. The final piece, “Andromeda”, clocks at almost 29 minutes, with has some audible jangle, distortion and thin sound.

So although the overall sound quality of “Songs of the Stars” (which would be their last studio project) isn’t that great, the tranquil immersion encountered in the music is worth checking out for anyone who loves classic space music.

Website: rhea3.bandcamp.com


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