Purl – Deep Ground

Purl - Deep Ground

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Purl – Deep Ground
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Silent Season/Eternell, 2011/2014

What I got here is a minimalist ambient-dub release by Ludvig Cimbrelius, aka Purl, which I believe is his second album on the Canadian Silent Season label. “Deep Ground” is fully built around airy, warm and deep calming atmospheres and thick, foggy textures, dressed subtly with soft pounding beats and occasional soft looped bass lines.

From the start, a mellow vapor simply hangs as a veil of mist over the whole body of this chill-out album, making a great vehicle to escape from the fast lane and demands of modern life. It won’t take long before the hypnotizing and mesmerizing nature along the gentle introspective mood of “Deep Ground” has its effect on the listener. The final track “Oceanima” is 10 minutes of flowing, totally immersive tapestries to soothing, sleep-inducing effect.

Website: www.eternell.net

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