Purl – Evighet

Purl - Evighet

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Purl – Evighet
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Eternell, 2016

“Evighet” is an Ep by Purl, aka Swedish composer and producer Ludvig Cimbrelius. The four atmospheric, minimalist-ambient dub/techno tracks feature warm, fluid, light-melodic soundscapes set in motion by deep but calming beats, while a slight groovy feel slumbers occasionally under them.

Soundshaping and dynamics are in harmony in these unhurried sonic vistas, seeing the freeform, imaginative-ethereal “Thaw” venturing in the sonic territory of 36 now and then. Most of all, this music displays an easy-going feel and beautifully expressiveness hard to pinpoint but most pleasant to relax with.

Website: www.eternell.net

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