Purl & Sinius – Oceans of Sound

Purl & Sinius - Oceans of Sound


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Purl & Sinius – Oceans of Sound
LP/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, AM4 Productions/Eternell, 2016

The cinematic aural world with deep attention to detail investigated on “Oceans of Sound” (conceived in 2012, completed in 2013 and released in 2016) is one of serenity, gentleness, drifting beauty and blissful magic. The aforementioned is paired with a slice of mellow dub/techno on opener “Blue Water”, “In Perfect Safety” and “Innercity Solitude”.

Swedish sound explorer Purl (Ludvig Cimbrelius) and UK-artist Sinius (Daljit Kundit) take their listeners on their debut album on a transcendental, chill-out journey into the oceans of sound within featuring an inspired ambient sound that’s quite similar to 36, Yagya or say classic Chicane without sequences/rhythms.

The ethereal, dreamy and overall expansive sound design is exquisite, offering many captivating aural waves connecting effortlessly to the water element. I highly recommend this mesmerizing and very-well accomplished release to every lush-ambient soundscape aficionado. Take a deep breath and immerse!

The download version of “Oceans of Sound” offers two bonus pieces.

Website: www.eternell.net

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