Pyramid Peak – 5Vor12

Pyramid Peak - 5Vor12

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Pyramid Peak – 5Vor12
CD, Private Release, 2011

Pyramid Peak’s album “5vor12” (named after the bands habit to finish a project or concert preparation just in time) was released on November 22, 2011 when the band played their Jubilee concert at the Dechenhöhle in Iserlohn, Germany.

Those who know and appreciate the accessible, highly sequenced and occasionally melodic music of their previous albums will be much pleased as this newbie nicely fits next to it, perhaps being a bit more rhythmic at places.

One already gets a great kick of the catchy and very strong opener “Dr. Blofeld und die Waldorf Schueler” with its powerful, driving sequencers, massive pads and drums, all executed in Berliner School style.
Next comes the Schiller-ish “Tears of Joy”, starting out with a Max “Maxxess” Schiefele guitar intro, later developing into a rhythmic piece with various solos flying over.

“Lichtermeer”, clocking at 29 minutes, is an extract from the bands live concert at Bochum planetarium in November 2010, a spacious track travelling through mysterious spheres and rhythmic structures in a varied but at times also rather minimal style. It’s audio quality could have been better though.

The fourth track is “Random Event Reloaded”, according to Axel Stupplich the bands favorite from their previous release “Random Events”, but now revived and transformed in a much powerful and contemporary fashion. Despite its searching sounding intro, I’m captured by the fast sequencing and rapid soloing following after it.
The 5-minute title track is one of the melodic pieces played as encore at the previous mentioned concert in Bochum, featuring Max Schiefele on a bit distracting sounding e-guitar.

All in all, “5vor12” is a solid piece of typical German electronic music that much will like.


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