Pyramid Peak – Anatomy

Pyramid Peak - Anatomy

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Pyramid Peak – Anatomy
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2013

With their album “Anatomy”, the trio Pyramid Peak (aka Axel Stüpplich, Andreas Morsch & Uwe Denzer) show cast once more they still belong to Germany’s headliners of today’s contemporary electronic music circle.

While re-interpreting and redefining the Berliner School sound as reference, these guys have a knack for coming up with catchy sequencer parts, smooth solo lines and moody, warm sound paintings, pairing it with the right dose of drums and percussion. It all leads to a most pleasing, at times even glowing outcome with great impact and a proper drive. The third piece “Injection” makes an excellent treat, but it’s the tantalizing 15-minute “Dark Energy” which sees the musicians raise the bar even higher. Hats off, guys!

The only flaws on “Anatomy” are the awful cover-art coming with it along a few misplaced (or should I say tasteless?) sound effects in the title track. Both don’t match nor make any sense in relation to the highly attractive, infectious melodic electronics found on the shiny silver disc.


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