Pyramid Peak – Roots

Pyramid Peak - Roots

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Pyramid Peak – Roots
CD, Manikin Records, 2017

“Roots” is a commemorative release celebrating the 30th anniversary of this successful German band who states the outcome is the essence of all previous albums. At the same time it reflects on a lengthy period of friendship between the members, their ongoing passion for electronic music and the evolution of their general-melodic, sequencer/beat-driven music since 1987 on their ten common releases.

The music making up 20-minute opener “The Journey” can’t do much wrong despite sounding a bit simple to my ears on various passages. I’m rather puzzled though by the 19-minute title track which doesn’t sound that appealing overall while it also features annoying and distracting spoken bits recalling older Pyramid Peak recordings.

Fortunately, “Milestones” proves a strong and most captivating sonic exercise featuring great atmospherics, spatial, multilayered sequencing and various rhythms keeping the listeners attention for its full 22-minute duration. The melodic “Offshore” is the tasty closing piece bringing a salute to the band’s sonic fingerprint while implementing some Mellotron flute to warm synth pads.

Overall I don’t rate “Roots” an exceptional release within their catalogue but their fan base will love it I reckon.


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