Quiet Places – Volume One

Quiet Places - Volume One

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Quiet Places  – Volume One
LP/Digital Download,  A Strangely Isolated Place, 2020

Quiet Places is UK’s seasoned electronic music producer trio Dennis White, Charlie May and Dave Gardner (best known as long-time collaborators with Sasha), now focusing on vivid and wide-screen ambient journeys.

According the info, the outcome was born out of a whisky-inspired late-night laptop jam session in Somerset England. It takes its listeners on an uninterrupted 60 minute beat-less and immersive trip down the rabbit hole that proves strange and haunting to my ears.

As the quite surreal soundscape on the first half unfold gradually, different characters talk of otherworldly experiences and strange phenomena spread over an overall abstract-shaped, psychedelic-flavoured backdrop of alienating pads and hypnotic melodic bits. Various passages of the second half of the recording though made me think of Global Communication. With the exception of the ethereal, hypnotising (but still rather weird) “Track 4”, Track 5” and the nocturnal-ish “Track 7”, I can’t say Quiet Places’ peculiar sound creations are my cup of tea.


Website: http://astrangelyisolatedplace.bandcamp.com


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