Radiant Mind – Sense

Radiant Mind - Sense

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Radiant Mind – Sense
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, The Periphery/Timeroom Digital, 2012

The title “Sense” is most appropriate to this debut release by US artist Radiant Mind, which no other than Steve Roach helped nurture into being with skilled production and sonic contributions. Radiant Mind’s emotive ambient draws from space music and textures, offering long unfolding drifts and slow suspensions while integrating sophisticated sequences, beats, subdued dynamics and rhythmic elements.

The outcome (with the captivating 22-minute “Radiant Mind” as highlight) is lush, organic-spiced and  also contains influences from German electronic music though unfolding and evolving in a totally different manner.

These 63-minutes of warm, vibrant and inspiring soundworlds make great ambient music for inner traveling while addressing the contemplative as well occasionally.

Website: www.steveroach.com


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