Radiant Mind & Steve Roach – HelioSphere

Radiant Mind & Steve Roach - HelioSphere


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Radiant Mind & Steve Roach – HelioSphere
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, SteveRoach.com, 2019

The first intent of Radiant Mind (commited to working in anonymity with Steve Roach as his sole producer and interface to the world) for this music has been a process of meditation and healing. He truly believes that with the right tonal and frequency’s in music this can be accomplished providing the recipient is open to this.

“HelioSphere” appeared an appropriate title in feeling that there are interactions throughout the whole universe that has a way of staying in balance when one becomes part of this proces. As energy beings with good intentions it can balance out our energy body giving one the ability to heal both emotionally and physically. As such music provides a positive aspect in life to counter the daily negativity one experiences.

The eight atmospheric “Spheres” making up the continuous 66-minute “HelioSphere” are devoid of any rhythm, instead presenting subtle evolving textural soundscapes that circle steadily but surely round an immersive, contemplative and harmonic core.

This quality ambient ride is for all into vast, lucid moodscapes incorporating a profound emotive impact, shifting smoothly yet gracefully between shadowy corners and the light beyond.

Website: http://www.steveroach.com

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