Radiant Mind – Strands

Radiant Mind - Strands


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Radiant Mind – Strands
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Steve Roach.com, 2014

Radiant Mind is an American synthesist who chooses to work in anonymity with Steve Roach as his sole producer and interface to the world. Over time, Steve encourages him and helps with the creative process. Once he has a collection of pieces he trusts Steve to take the raw tracks, produce them, add spacial processing enhancements and subtle looping in the final stages and create full releases out of them. All that counts for him is the beauty of expression along the magnificent power, passion and healing possibilities of electronic music.

“Strands” is Radiant Mind’s second effort, a continuous, carefully moulded work of sonic art exploring long form ambient space music, featuring long winding and smooth evolving textural landscapes. The profound atmospheric outcome roams on the edge of the ethereal and the fantastic, painting beautifully rendered, soft glowing and highly emotive farscapes to elevating effect. The captivating and intense music reveals melancholic currents occasionally (“Womb of Healing”) along distinct nocturnal emanations as it drifts along. The 21-minute title track found at the end is exceptional, spreading out various haunting sphere paintings.

This evocative, deep and imaginative soundscape journey with some distinct “Roach”-echoes is best nourished with headphones to sense and grab its full intrinsic potential. I for one think “Strands” is a must-have for all ambient/space aficionados out there.

Website: www.steveroach.com


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