Radio Massacre International – Frozen North

Radio Massacre International - Frozen North


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Radio Massacre International – Frozen North
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Centaur Records, 1995

“Frozen North” is the (still) amazing debut official album by synthesists Duncan Goddard, Steve Dinsdale and guitarist Gary Houghton aka Radio Massacre International (RMI), who were at the forfront of the EM retro-revival in the ’90’s together with Airsculpture and Node.

The band’s name and music both reflect the way of the world not ignoring chaos and energy, therefore their music can be very disturbing and the band name helps to reinforce this feeling. RMI’s music is based on the sparkling vintage electronic music from the ’70’s, moulded into lengthy pieces featuring a load of mellotron.

While the first cd offers a cross-section of what they did until then, the second 70-minute cd focusses on the Frozen North theme. The latter contains two expansive soundscapes with profound spacerock flavors and a few psychedelic hints aside as improvisations of the three fly high. And although a cd offers about 80 minute of playing time, the RMI-boys had to stick to the time constraints of this medium, causing that only two of the four lengthy theme pieces could fit on the disc. If you wonder about the missing parts: part II is one of the tracks on RMI’s live album “Nutsford in May”, “Small Frozen North” on the first cd is in fact a condensed version of part III, while part IV would appear on the band’s private released album “Burned and Frozen”.

With the spaced-out “Frozen North”, I reckon these guys have delivered a firm classic Berlin School inspired statement. In addition, many will have the opinion Radio Massacre International are essentially (and gives a voice to the electronic experimentation of) ’70’s Tangerine Dream that should have been, one way or the other.

Finding a hard copy of this gem will prove hard, but the music is still available as a download.


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