Radio Massacre International – Republic

Radio Massacre International - Republic

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Radio Massacre International – Republic
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Centaur Records, 1996

The UK-trio that caused a blast with their debut “Frozen North” hereby presents another winner, lining up very nicely next to to TD’s “Phaedra”, “Ricochet” and “Encore”. In three expansive pieces, Duncan Goddard, Steve Dinsdale and Gary Houghton guide you through a vibrant electronic landscape featuring lots of mellotron, captivating sequencing and other assorted vintage sounds alongside some powerful psychedelic guitar soloing carrying Edgar Froese’s signature.

The 74-minute “Republic” is a very well done release and (compared to “Frozen North”) ranks just a tiny tad lower. This is sonic food for Berlin School aficionados, plain and simple.


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