Radio Massacre International – Time & Motion

Radio Massacre International - Time & Motion

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Radio Massacre International – Time & Motion
CD, Cuneiform Records, 2010

Many Em-fans will haved loved the first batch of albums by the UK-trio Radio Massacre International along several of their privately brewed and released cd-r’s. On those recordings, the band presented energetic and progrock oriented vintage electronics firmly rooted in TD’s ’70’s sound .

“Time & Motion” is the band’s third release on Cuneiform records, but times have changed quite a bit as they implemented more and more psychedelic flavours and unpleasant bits into their music while freaking out on traditional rock instruments on “Rain Falls in Grey”.

The outcome on the double cd “Time & Motion” returns to the retro synths sound, presenting some great vintage sequencer patterns and mellotron soundscapes on the lengthy tracks. But there’s also guest musician Martin Archer whose adding his bit of electronics to the trios output, as well as his awful sax playing on various lengthy tracks, all together making up over two hours of highly improvised music. I for one though absolutely love the profound ambient sphere created on the 10-minute “Aeon”.

After the rock-oriented first track of the second disc, the trio even dares toprofoundly immerse in a lengthy experimental/abstract mode, creating rather uninviting and weird/uncanny soundworlds. Fortunately, that disc is rounded out by the 18-minute “30 Years” (Slight Return) that features some very welcome sequencers again, but also that bloody sax destroying most of the pieces atmosphere.

All in all, “Time and Motion” is not (and will never be) an RMI release I’m fond of, and musicwise it’s certainly disappointing. I think those who have never digged any of their stuff should stay miles away from it and just start investigating their golden period to be heard on the Centaur releases.


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