Rainbow Serpent – Futuregate

Rainbow Serpent - Futuregate


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Rainbow Serpent – Futuregate
CD, Ardema Musik, 1995

A great off-shoot of cosmic Berlin School-spiced electronics was founded in 1994 by German synthesists Gerd Wienekamp and Frank Specht as Rainbow Serpent on the occasion of their concert at the 1st Astrofest Sittensen, Germany.

For their debut “Futuregate” they found a home at Arndt Maschinski’s Ardema-label (who labeled it as contemporary emotional space music) where it became an instant success and a -now hard to find- classic until this very day. The latter is no surprise when you have a listen to the very well-produced and mixed outcome, 70 minutes of quality Em kicked off by the 32-minute/3-part title track. Here, fine combos of catchy, bouncy sequences, fluid melodic lines, and atmospheric pads are paired most attractively and effectively. The sonic perfume of classic TD and Schulze evaporates lovely on the catchy “Futuregate part 2”. Another strong track is “Ancient Skies” with its smooth evolving melodies hovering over evocative sequencing. And any em aficionado will be taken away by the enchanting, positive sphere created on “Waiting for Kippenhahn” that closes the album, I reckon.

All in all, there’s a lot to enjoy on the vibrant “Futuregate”. The only downside is it may be difficult to find a copy of it nowadays.


Website: www.rainbow-serpent.de

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