Rainbow Serpent – Mosaique

Rainbow Serpent - Mosaique

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Rainbow Serpent – Mosaique
CD, Ardema-Musik, 1997

The musical development of the German act Rainbow Serpent, aka Frank Specht and Gerd Wienekamp, has always been strongly influenced by the available technology as well as gained experiences over the years and other musicians.

After “Futuregate” and “Voyager”, the duo once again manages to convince with this beautifully produced “Mosaique”, which also includes three live tracks: the chosen timbres are warm and sound nice and wide, and regularly a wonderfully supporting sequence with percussion splashes through the sound spectrum that once again gives the cd something swirling. Sometimes it seems to go a bit in the direction of Enigma, but still, there is that unmistakable touch of Berliner Schule. In all, it makes a disc that will definitely appeal to a wide audience. If you haven’t heard of Rainbow Serpent yet and fancy something accessible, you should definitely listen to their music. Funny is the inlaid mosaic stones in the cd-case, but apart from that, it is a pity that the cd-cover was limited to just a single loose sheet.

Website: www.rainbow-serpent.de

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