Rainbow Serpent – The 8th Nerve

Rainbow Serpent - The 8th Nerve

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Rainbow Serpent – The 8th Nerve
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Manikin Records, 2005

For “The 8th Nerve”, Frank Specht and Gerd Wienekamp (aka Rainbow Serpent) have created a very fine sonic alchemy of exiting contemporary electronics, featuring a great pulse and drive in its core.

The almost 79-minute versatile recording stands out due to beautiful emotive atmospheres, sophisticated effects, samples, rhythms, (disco) beats and some outstanding sequencing as the work of art unfolds and evolves. Although the music reflects quite a bit on electronic music from the past, the use of new technologies and VSTi’s plug ins have opened new sonic gateways to re-interpretate them and mix with their own input. Spherics especially flies high and in a quieter sense on the lovely and highly cinematic “Winterlandschaft” and “N-Tropical”.

All in all, Rainbow Serpent’s seventh release “The 8th Nerve” makes a solid and excellent produced/mastered album for all into modern rhythmic Schulze and TD´s sequencer/driven period.
Nice going, guys

Website: www.rainbow-serpent.de

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