Rainbow Serpent – Voices of the first day

Rainbow Serpent - Voices of the first day

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Rainbow Serpent – Voices of the first day

CD, Manikin Records, 2001

Teutonic Berlin School, especially the output of Klaus Schulze, has been a strong inspiration for Rainbow Serpent´s core sound, but the German duo was always able to inject it with many modern vibes. “Voices of the First Day” is no exception to that, offering another well-accomplished blend of catchy sequencing, warm atmospheric pads, and captivating melodies spiced with nice rhythms and beats. Sometimes it turns out a bit too loud and restless to my ears (“Echoes from shooting stars”), contrary to the warm mood of the music and almost cinematic/ethereal atmospherics (“Population…” and “…Evolution”) making up most of the 75-minute recording. I for one feel the versatile “Jodrell Bank Mark II” with nice classic Schulze nods and “The Universe Itself” make some of the finest moments on the album.

As usual, the outcome was mixed, mastered, and produced excellently.

Website: www.rainbowserpent.bandcamp.com

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