[‘ramp] – Arp-en-Ciel

['ramp] - Arp-en-Ciel


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[‘ramp] – Arp-en-Ciel
CD/Digital Download, Doombient Music, 2023

I can´t deny I´ve developed a kind of soft spot for Mr. Parsick´s sonic creations over time, most notably for his ambient material (released on CD-R in clam shells). His last few recent releases though stand out as in-depth aural travelogues through space and time, all following their own profound intrinsic-emotive aural currents.

“Arp-en Ciel” (74:55) fits in the same league and makes a great treat for those who still love the soft-soaring, heartwarming vintage cosmic sound of the first half of the ’70s, most notably the mesmerizing sound and sphere evaporating from Klaus Schulze’s “Time Wind” as well as parts of “Moondawn” plus a slice of “Picture Music”. Aside from that, the music found here once again sounds very personal and intimate to my ears. All ingredients are displayed nicely on the first three tracks with some vintage sequencing entering the stage on the title track.

On the second half of the album, Stephen reflects on his collaborations with the late Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock (with whom he realized some nice stuff -despite disagreeing rather often on several topics- on the 3-part “Chunky Cookies Carpet Ride”. The latter proves an inspired, dreamy electronic suite with KHH joining Mr. Parsick in the first part. The 3-part outcome features a lovely interplay of heavenly and elevating mellotron tapestries and vintage textures as well as some fascinating ambient field recordings. A rather profound (ARP?)sequence shows up in the final 15-minute section, settings things in gentle motion while beautiful mellotron pads, flutes, and kindred textures merge and compliment each other seamlessly during this impressive, chilled “ride”.

All in all, there’s lots of genuine emotional, and aesthetic value incorporated and felt when one has a good, focussed listen to the very-well produced, quite mesmerizing old-school “Arp-en Ciel”. Well done, Stephen!

Overall verdict: between 4 and 4.5 stars.

Website: ramp1.bandcamp.com

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