[‘ramp] – Doombient.Three – Kalte Sterne

['ramp] - Doombient.Three - Kalte Sterne


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[‘ramp] Doombient.Three – Kalte Sterne
CD-R, Private Release, 2008

“Doombient.three – Kalte Sterne” is the third and final cd-r in the series of “doombient” albums which came into being in 2003 and 2006 respectively.

The music of “Kalte Sterne” was recorded live in concert at Bochum Planetarium in February 2007, and is (as the press sheet states) by far the most peaceful and tranquil album of the trilogy.

It contains over 70 minutes of longform, highly cinematic soundscape music, which deals with the expanse of the universe into nothingness before and after the big bang.
As such, it’s a deep sonic excursion taking the listener through the grand expanse of the cosmos, which seems an endless journey once you’ve been surrounded by the cathedral impact of the slow morphing textures. Especially the massive sound of the hallmark second track is a favourite piece. Overall, this music works best in a relaxed state with headphones and your eyes closed.

As was the case with the previous releases, only a limited run of 100 copies have been produced, which all come in a numbered tin can.
Highly recommended.

Website: www.parsick.com

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