[‘ramp] – Oughtibridge

['ramp] - Oughtibridge


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[‘ramp] Oughtibridge
CD, Doombient, 2005

JaThe music of “Oughtibridge” was recorded live at Jodrell Bank Radio Observatory on June 23, 2001, containing 12 tracks of live, improvised and unrehearsed of music by Stephen Parsick and Frank Makowski aka [‘ramp].

“Dron(e) field” sets out with slow morphing soundscapes. The energetic second track “Ozone” is a great piece of music, featuring in-depth layered ambient textures and sequencing, with even a Vangelis-touch at the end.

The highly atmospheric realms of the following tracks delve even deeper, featuring some beautiful heavenly/ghostly textures (“Ascension”), later shifting to the swirling, soft roaming sequencing and textures of “Fibre”.

Things turn energetic as some powerful sequencers kick in on “Tool”, followed by the beautiful rendered floating dark spaces and foreboding sonics of “Dune” and “Lovell”.

The heavenly, warm textures of “Stern” make the free form music shine and vibrate even more as the sounds turns cathedral-like.
The demanding, energetic sequenced “Spinegrinder” and “No hard Shoulder” feature some great tension-layered vintage textures with raw solos.

The 77-minute “Oughtibridge” sure is a great, solid work of ambient music!

Website: www.parsick.com

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