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[‘ram] Return
CD, Doombient Music, 2011

For every project, Stephen Parsick has always found it a real challenge what means to use to create music and/or a specific outcome he envisioned, also when it came to the use and implementation of atmospheric recording.

At the same time, he always avoided any convenient solutions along the way within the creative process. A big role in this is the raw, unpredictable and visceral electronic sound of early electronic music that once attracted him to compose this kind of music in the first place.

In the composing and moulding process of “Return”, Stephen performed nearly exclusively on analogue keyboards and synthesisers along various analogue effects devices, but without using any midi and computer sequencing. The compelling 74-minute outcome are two lenghty compositions, that soundwise reflects to where [‘ramp] originated from in 1996.

The music is a glowing retro feast of adventurous and vibrant dronesoundscapes, massive sequencer patterns and effects, all with a delicious thick, raw and grainy edge as they undertake a journey through a dark but constantly shifting aural world.
The two-part industrial “Infernal Machines” for example firmly hit the Redshift-button after three tracks of fascinating soundscaping. I also love those delightful mellotoron textures showing up on various spots. The music takes a more melodic and sequenced approach on the tantelizing title track, retaining the thrilling modular impact all the way while some captivating solo voices pass by.

With the eight [‘ramp] album “Return”, released as limited edition, factory-pressed cd of 300 hand-numbered copies, Mr Parsick has composed something massive and impressive, making the analogue beast magnificently shine oncemore. Chapeau!

Website: www.parsick.com

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