[‘ramp] – Synchronize or Die

['ramp] - Synchronize or Die


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[‘ramp] Synchronize or Die
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Doombient, 2017

“Synchronize or Die” (celebrating 20 years of unsolicited noise) is the result of a five year sabbatical after the release of “Astral Disaster”. It reveals a much mellower, less stark sounding pack of tracks featuring complex sequencer work along an assortment of multi-layered rhythmical patterns. Stephen Parsick elaborated on the creating process classic Michael Hoenig was a major influence, so he sticked to a very similar modus operandi using an eight-track recorder, trigger generators, analogue sequencers etc. without employing computers running audio software.

The 76-minute outcome (coined by the artist as the pinnacle of his sequencing skills) is a compelling selection of more traditional-based electronics explored in five lengthy compositions that indeed can be called a sequencer fest with massive base lines and lots of other fat sounds. Imagine also some of Mark Shreeve’s Redshift gloomy, gothic realms thrown in and you have a pretty clear picture of the compelling yet staggering music.“Torque” and “Hanging Gardens” are blasting highlights while “Godzilla” is the most challenging outing on “Synchronize or Die”.

Stephen’s binaural dummyhead recording simply puts the icing on the cake of this excellent release. I sincerely hope there’s more like this forthcoming.

Website: www.parsick.com

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