Ran Kirlian – Continuum

Ran Kirlian - Continuum

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Ran Kirlian – Continuum
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Altera Orbe, 2012

Ambient space aficionados who love to travel into deeper zone worlds may find Ran Kirlian’s “Continuum” an interesting choice. Created from music composed between 2005 and 2010, the album contains eight tracks of freeform, organic-infused, vast and rather intense soundscapes blending both darker-shaded undercurrents and ethereal realms into a continuous 72-minute outcome.

The atmosphere found on the second half of the album heads into Steve Roach territory occasionally, starting with the watery drones and slow evolving textural tapestries of the title piece before drifting off further and culminating in the quite feverish floater “Momentum”.
I’d say the overall result is nice to start exploring.

Website: www.rankirlian.es

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