Ran Kirlian – Distant Signals

Ran Kirlian - Distant Signals

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Ran Kirlian – Distant Signals

CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Altera Orbe, 2018


The first sketches of “Distant Signals” -planned as a personal soundtrack for a deep space exploration, both inner and outer, based on pure electronic atmospheres build on minimal structures- were created during summer 2010 based on live in studio sessions. The recording was shelved thereafter and finally rediscovered in 2017 starting a process of remixing, editing and polishing. Well, all of Ran Kirlian’s efforts have delivered another fine work of freeform ambient, a captivating journey through a netherworld of dark, light and the unknown.

If you love immersing into vast, darker-shaded and breathing textural landscapes with distinct organic edges I’m confident the morphing 77-minute result will tick various boxes for you. The dense veil of compelling atmospherics is lifted briefly on the second half of “Ooprema” and the final track “Ergesia”.


Website: http://www.rankirlian.es

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