Ran Kirlian – Formations

Ran Kirlian - Formations

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Ran Kirlian – Formations
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Altera Orbe, 2012

“Formations” is an ambient album by Ran Kirlian that merges elements of the organic subgenre with more traditional free form styles. According the composer, the outcome defines a journey to the core of the tribal-ambient landscapes previously heard on the albums “Sleeper”, “Melting Point” and “Limbo”.

The 70 minutes of music, based on live performances, comes as one continuous, slow evolving track where vast textural landscapes morph on in a rather somber manner, revealing some tribal flavors (by means of the rhythms) along the way as well. A mesmerizing, hypnotizing sonic aura surfaces various times, most notably on the second half of the atmospheric recording. Both “Dark Territories” and “Forgotten Survivor” are strong takes, before the albums rounds out spherically with the two-part “Quh Ong”.

All in all, these are gentle coiling and overtly floating spaces with occasional groovy patterns that received some fine mastering by Max Corbacho.

Website: www.rankirlian.es

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