Ran Kirlian & Landru – Waterfront

Ran Kirlian & Landru - Waterfront

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Ran Kirlian & Landru – Waterfront
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Altera Orbe, 2012

“Waterfront” is the debut collaborative work of Spanish ambient composers Ran Kirlian and Landru (aka Patxi Hernández), both co-owners of the online ambient label Altera Orbe.

About an hour of the 72-minute outcome was created live in the studio with no set plans or ideas. The additional music was added in a later stage to enhance the overall pulse and flow of the recording. Fans of dreamy, darker-shaded music roaming in the organic-ambient drift category should find quite some of their liking here.

Imagine background ambience landscapes provided by digital and analogue synthesizers with a slight doze of real ethnic instruments thrown in besides moody field recordings. The continuous flow of textures merges drone pads and ethereal ambiences created by Ran Kirlian and the hypnotic and melodic sonic riffs along some tribal percussion loops composed by Landru. On “Alluvium”, the sonic drift is smoothly set in motion with assorted percussion, evoking a kind of Tibetan feel in the tradition of David Parsons without immersing that deep. A primordial atmosphere with beats sets off on the final track “Metamorphism”, but after a couple of minutes things start drifting along once more.

Overall, “Waterfront” is an excursion through slow-paced sonic dimensions and atmospheric landscapes providing a calming, slightly spiritual, but above all a mysterious realm. Keep this one in mind if you like to add something to your list of deep-listening/late-night recordings.

Website: www.alteraorbe.com

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