Ran Kirlian – Melting Point

Ran Kirlian - Melting Point

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Ran Kirlian – Melting Point
CD-R, Private Release, 2001

Ran Kirlian is a Spanish ambientmusician who I came across surfing the site of Max Corbacho. Kirlian started loving ambient at the start of the ’90’s after he heard Steve Roach’s concept-albums “Western Spaces” and “Desert Solitaire”.
In 2000 he started to explore his own musical pathways, and after he discovered Napster he decided to share his music with the outside world.

“Melting Point” (remastered in 2003) offers 11 tracks of vast ambient atmospheric music, a tasty melting pot of tribal electronics, some dark ambient and a good portion of spacemusic. On the beautiful track “Cave of Forgotten Fires”, the Dutch musician Patrick van de Ven plays groove percussion, rainstick and ethnic flutes.

Especially the assorted tribal percussion and textural landscaping interact very well on this cd. It’s a continuing atmosphere with some sparse minimal elements, heading towards new horizons outside time and space.
In all it comes close to what Kirlian is trying to establish: creating dense atmospheres which inspire ritualistic environments, cold and desolate spaces and landscapes.
Yes, this cd is well done.

Website: www.rankirlian.es

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