Ran Kirlian – Sidereus Nuncius

Ran Kirlian - Sidereus Nuncius


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Ran Kirlian – Sidereus Nuncius
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Altera Orbe, 2020

The largest part of “Sidereus Nuncius” (Sidereal Messenger) -named after Galileo Galilei’s famous 1610 astronomical treatise- was created mostly during the Covid19 confinement in spring 2020. It served as an imaginary escape route for the composer to travel light-years away without leaving his home studio. Moreover, it was developed as an ode to the vastness of space along the process of investigation and discovery throughout human’s history with its successes and mysteries.

The 78-minute outcome offers a trip into deep space with a distinct sense of tension (on the final track “Carina Nebula” especially) embedded in the continuous flow of freeform farscapes, evolving before the mind’s eye slowly with mysterious currents and twists.  Despite multiple dense and dark atmospherics passing by the ambient expanse never turns out menacing or foreboding. Jana Rockstroh (aka Jaja) contributed to the slightly more ethereal, melodic-infused “Elliptical Orbit”. I’d suggest headphones to submerge to the fullest in these cinematic, remote space environs offered in 24-bit audio quality. Nice going, Ran.


Website: http://www.rankirlian.es

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