Ran Kirlian – Sleeper

Ran Kirlian - Sleeper

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Ran Kirlian – Sleeper
CD-R, Private Release, 2003

The album “Sleeper” was born from two large floating sessions the Spanish ambientmusician Ran Kirlian recorded in the summer of 2003.
Both are based on pure improvisation, with some treated field recordings played randomly. Later on, as Kirlian ran over the recordings, he added voice, some additional sounds and grooves to make the music fit in the concept of an evolutionary process on dreams and sleeping.

The outcome is an album that is highly atmospheric, but which also features several tribal elements like the claypots which show up in “Other Place” next to his voice.
“Sleeper” is a continuous vast textural landscape floating by, able to transport the listener’s mind to remote places and dense atmospheres.

I’m sure fans of Steve Roach and freeform tribal ambient will love this sonic scenery for the mind.
Well done.

Website: www.rankirlian.es

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