Randel Osborne – Celestial Mechanics

Randel Osborne - Celestial Mechanics

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Randel Osborne – Celestial Mechanics
CD, Redshift Digital Audio, 1995

Randel Osborne is a recording studio manager of Redshift Digital Audio, hailing from Connecticut, who’s also half of a band called Parallax.

The cd begins with the heavy symphonic title track, which sounds rather familiar to the stuff Synergy did years ago, but then in a more freaky fashion.
The up-tempo instrumental music on this cd is made with quite a bunch of vintage gear, but also features some guitar on the third track.

“Like Clockwise” is another very nice piece, offering some straightforward drums and nice synth-patches, while part of “Garrett’s Lullaby” could also be a tune for a TV-series.

All in all, this original sounding and proper produced album contains well composed, accessible pieces of music with a variety of rich synthesizer textures.

Website: www.redshift-consulting.com


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