Raphael – Angels of the Deep

Raphael - Angels of the Deep

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Raphael – Angels of the Deep
CD, Hearts of Space, 1995

“Angels of the Deep” is the third album by Raphael, an Hawaiian-based spiritual teacher and musician.
The uplifting, smooth atmospheres and themes captured on the 62-minute “Angels of the deep” are all strongly connected to the “water” theme, sounding like a celebration of its otherwordly beauty.

The highly cinematic music consists of piano, angelic and celestial string textures and the sounds of whales, weaving a melodic tapestry of delicate ambience which make it quite easy to visualize and sense the many faces of beautiful undersea life. Of all tracks especially the opening (title) track with whale sounds is of a majestic beauty.

“Initiation” and “Rememberance” are a bit different from the others, containing some light percussion and flute, which makes them a bit too new age in my opinion.

The overall contemplative, dreamy and romantic impact of the music won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but those who like to immerse themselves into its magical womb won’t be disappointed.

Website: www.valley-entertainment.com


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