Rapoon – Song from the end of the World

Rapoon - Song from the end of the World

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Rapoon – Song from the end of the World
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Glacial Movements, 2016

Environmental and lifethreatening issues have been the inspiration for several electronic music releases, such as “Annihilation on Earth” (Holle Mangler), “Atomkraft, nein danke!”(Earth Star), “To Another Horizon” (Gandalf) and “Ecotone (Altus) just to name some.

The aural world of chilling and glacial ambient sketched out on Rapoon’s “Song from the end of the world” is somber, dense and often quite foreboding. Robin Storey’s extended, minimal, slightly distorted drone waves and alienating vocal samples featured on each of the nine tracks are spiced with profound suspense, desolation and drama, spreading a hypnotizing realm occasionally.

The abstract/experimental approach coupled with raw, dark atmospheres and thick adventurous underlayments though make the outcome a heavyweight and depressing listen. In the end, the recording left me with a miserable feeling.

Website: www.facebook.com/Rapoon-43840048119/


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