Rasalhague – Rage inside the Window

Rasalhague - Rage inside the Window

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Rasalhague – Rage inside the Window
CD, Malignant Records, 2011

The musician behind the dark/experimental ambient project Rasalhague is one Kerry Braud, hailing from Indiana.

The concept album “Rage inside the Window” (inspired by a true criminal event of a young child neglected by her own mother, being imprisoned in filth and squalor) offers terrifying, industrial and harsh soundscapes and accompanying effects.

Without doubt, this is a pure dungeon soundtrack of profound psychological horror and biting menace. The six haunting tracks sound pitch dark and in-your-face dirty.
The horrific message is even emphasized by omnious and vast dronescapes, demonic squalls and an intense sense of isolationism. It’s an ascent without end, which takes the listener deep into the mind of a depraved soul without mercy.

Those looking for nightmarrish sonic ambiences inspired by true hellish crime, the 47-minute “Rage inside the Window” is here to torture your ears immensely.

Website: www.myspace.com/rasalhaguemusic


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