Realtime – Lights of the Universe

Realtime - Lights of the Universe

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Realtime – Lights of the Universe
CD-R, SynGate, 2007

“Light of the Universe” is the second album of Realtime, aka the Cologne-based musicians Thomas Bock and Norbert Hesnellek, who are joined by Thorsten Sudler-Mainz (aka Deep Imagination).

The well composed melodic music on this album offers a nice dose of well proportioned sequencers, which takes the listener “out there” in an accessible and inviting manner.

The realm of Berliner School or classical electronic music clearly shines through the overall sound of this cd, but things are melted with each other in a tasty manner.

Three tracks on the album contain the mediocre vocals of Thorsten, which I think should have been left out.
Fortunately, the album has a nice closure by means of the engaging 14-minute title track. This traditional sounding electronic music creates a wonderfull, relaxed mood and piece of mind, and certainly is the best piece of the album, while the opening track comes second best in my opinion.



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