Redshift – Colder

Redshift - Colder


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Redshift – Colder
CD, Distant Sun Production, 2011

“Colder” comprises six energetic and exciting tracks of all-new music by Redshift (Mark and Julian Shreeve assisted by the trusted Ian Boddy) which the trio confidently executed live at the Hampshire Jam 9 festival.

The massive sound and evocative sequencer patterns of Mark’s grand modular is spot on oncemore, with some delightful mellotron and assorted vintage sound design complementing it. I also love the haunting, almost symphonic atmosphere making up the three minute freeform “Roses are red….”

More intimate soundworlds surface on the first part of “Two Worlds & In-Between”, but at the 8-minute mark some great sequencers step in, lifting the “alternate-reality” music to even higher, more dynamic spheres. “Azure” starts out with nice energetic undercurrents and smooth symphonic textures, later on accompanied by tasty mellotron flutes, all together creating an overall reflective, moody space.

Next in line is the exciting title track, loaded with heavy dynamics and catchy up-tempo “Ricochet”-sequencing as it smoothly shifts through its phases, at the end firing all engines. Ian Boddy elaborated on EM Portal the genuine sounding guitar solo heard on this track is actually no real guitar, but him “playing a nice E-bow sampled guitar through lots of distortion/echo FX with liberal use of pitch bends”. The final track “Chain Gun” is another spot-on track with a lovely solo voice, effects and sequencer work.

The 61-minute “Colder” proves to be another fantastic and sparkling recording no fan of well-composed vintage electronics will be able to resist.
A must-buy!


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