Redshift – Wild 3

Redshift - Wild 3

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Redshift – Wild 3
CD, Distant Sun Production, 2009

With “Wild 3”, Mark Shreeve shares another fine bunch of Redshift exclusives with the fans, kicking off with “Redshift 08”.
On this excellent live track, Ian Boddy joins Mark and Julian. Ian plays some nice strings/choirs while Julian is featured on the harmony synth as Mark is heard on lead line. Overall, the energetic outcome is a reworked version of the title track of Redshift’s same-titled debut album.

Next is “Shift to Blue”, which uses a part of the sequencer line from the track “Blueshift”, but overall turns out as a completely new and vibrant composition with some raw guitar. It actually mixes the sequencers from the rehearsal recording with the lead lines from live performance, as Mark had big technical problems during the HJ8 performance as almost half the sequencers broke down.

The third track is “Schlachthof-funf”, the actual encore played at E-Live 2004, comes up with a great bunch of massive, in-your-face sequencers and powerful guitar inbetween the ethereal intro and outro. A real gem.

The closing track is the 17-minute “Broken World”. This studio recording from 1996 shows an insight in the early sound and potential of Redshift. Melodic and harmonic keyboard parts by James, Julian and Mark are played over rather static sequences, realming in the spheres of TD’s “Mysterious Semblance at the Strand of Nightmares” and beyond.


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