Remanence – A Strange Constellation of Events

Remanence - A Strange Constellation of Events

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Remanence – A Strange Constellation of Events
CD-R, Mpath Records, 2005

Remanence is the ambient duo John Phipps and Brian McWilliams, who’s new album comes in a beautiful, special designed cd box. “A Strange Constellation…” assembles a long series of musical experiments which began in 1997 soon after their release “Apparitions”.

It contains ten deep ambient excursions which could also easily be labelled as deep atmospheric night music. The journey takes off with “Signal Hill”, which dense textures and Morse codes are the core of slow morphing ambience.

The remix of “Lamkhyer”, a track of their former 3″ cd-r, offers some nice shakers and percussion before things move into slightly more experimental territory with “Nocturne”. “The Reflecting Pool” is a light dweller, but the next two tracks are of creepy, deep delving nature, which also applies for the ghostly, experimental atmospheres and dark scorning nature of “A Reply beyond Oblivion”, which is a bit too much to my taste.

Happily enough in between we find the beautiful textural floaters “Echo Canyon III” and the album closer “First Light”.
Only recommended for dwellers and seekers of deep adventurous ambience.



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