Remote Spaces – Silos

Remote Spaces - Silos

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Remote Spaces – Silos
CD-R, Requiem Records, 2004

“Silos” is a release of the Polish band Remote Spaces (aka Konrad Jakrzewski and Krzysztof Rzeznicki) which is nicely packaged in a dvd-box.

It features six extended tracks of contemporary electronic music which is a switching maelstrom of elements. In their accessible music one can hear echoes of the electronic music of the ’70 (TD, Schulze), but also Waveworld comes to mind in their properly structured and sequenced music.

It would also do very well with some visual footage from the Waveworld-shows. Ok, it’s not that original sounding, but it still proves one can have a nice hour of listening when you put this one on.
I only think that the overall production can be improved furthermore, as especially the drums don’t stand out at their best.



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