Remotion – Between Fiction and Reality

Remotion - Between Fiction and Reality


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Remotion – Between Fiction and Reality
CD, Groove Unlimited, 2001

Remotion is the Dutch duo Richard Stuij and Arjan Steenbergen, who recorded the music of this album live in the studio without using computer sequencers.
Richard took care of composing and performing the music, while Arjan did the engineering job next to adding additional drums and effects. Although recorded back in 2001, the music of “Between Fiction and Reality” still sounds fresh and exciting this very day.

Overall, the music is well done, its compositional style is strong from head to tail, bringing a infectious mix of rhythms and sequencer lines.
“Between Fiction and Reality” contain seven accessible tracks ranging between 6 and 14 minutes.

The longest tracks are found in the first half, offering melodic elements, smooth sequencer patterns, keen rhythms and an occasional solo, very nicely kicked-off by the moody “Deep Down Under”. The music airs great atmospheres and cinematic views, and sometimes makes you think of the works of Ron Boots (who also did the expert mastering of the cd).

The music of the strong 14-minute title track, an excellent mix of the Berliner School sound and e-percussion, comes close to Wave World’s album “Structures”. For me though, the highlight of the album is the fourth track “Echoes from another dimension”, which is almost 13 minutes of pure electronic delight with strong imaginative impact.

All in all, “Between Fiction and Reality” is an well-executed effort, of which the second half ventures into more cinematic, highly atmospheric and sometimes even mysterious lands. Those of you who like appealing electronics with a warm and steady flow, this is for you.
Nice going, guys!



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