Remy – EoD

Remy - Exhibition of Dreams

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Remy – EoD
CD, AKH Records, 2009

As Remy explains, “EoD” is the first part of the 10th anniversary of his debut release “Exhibition of Dreams”, containing newly recorded versions of a selection of the original tracks from 1999 album.

“EoD” comprises five long tracks, making up over 70 minutes of fine electronics with many nice breaks and smooth solos to keep the attention of the listener.
In its own way, the sonic content with repetitive motives presented here recalls a classic quality, which is due to the chosen warm sound pads, varied drums/ percussion and evocative sequencer patterns.
Combined with sweeping melodic lines, it lends the overall outcome a relaxed, moody and even a certain vintage feel.

It already makes me look forward to the remastered and expanded edition of “Exhibition of Dreams”, due for December 2009.


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