Remy – Exhibition of Dreams (10th anniversary edition)


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Remy – Exhibition of Dreams (10th anniversary edition)
CD, AKH Records, 2010

With the release of “Exhibition of Dreams”, fans of Remy Stroomer’s music are given the opportunity to hear the remarkable musical development this Dutch musician and his music has undergone since he made his first steps in the genre of electronic music.

While celebrating the 10th anniversary of the debut album, “Exhibition of Dreams” revisits the electronics composed back in 1999. The music was devoted to minidisk, so things had to be done in one take.
This nicely remastered album -courtesy of Wouter Bessels- comes with several unreleased tracks (from the same recording period) next to newly recorded versions of a selection of pieces from the original debut album, which was originally released as a double cd-r in limited quantities.

“Exhibition of Dreams” takes us on a ride through Schulzian-inspired music (his late ’80’s /early ’90’s period), offering repetitive structures and rhythmic patterns which opens up spaces of happy, transparent and confident sounding electronics with an analogue edge.

The use of guitar sounds and flavours of mellotron and other vintage gear is evident, next to some occasional enthusiastic, powerful synth-soloiing, the latter putting the icing on the cake on “Mirage”. More than once, the outcome put a smile on my face as I absorbed the warmth and creativity hidden within Remy’s fine crafted harmonic music.

I have no doubt it will do the same for everyone who looks for nostalgic sounding electronic music with its own intrinsic, fluent vibe.
Nice going, Remy!


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