Remy – Fears

Remy - Fears

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Remy – Fears
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Deserted Island Music, 2016

After five years, Dutch accomplished synthesist Remy Stroomer hereby presents us his new solo: the concept album “Fears”. Remy didn’t take the easy road for this one, expressing the universal theme of fear, an unpleasant emotional state to a real external threat or danger in seven compelling, highly emotive tracks featuring haunting, sober and foreboding electronic music.

The release unfolds in seven deep chapters featuring haunting textural tapestries and choir pads mixed with deep repetitive-sequencial patterns and themes all triggering the listener to investigate, face and reflect on this emotion on a personal level. Of all tracks, “Fear 6” is more uplifting, offering a melange of vintage sounds, contemporary joi-de-vie and neo-classical electronics.

A closer, more focussed listen to the open sounding (slightly Schulzian/neo-classical) outcome will reveal many subtle details, aural twists and further layers, even evoking a hypnotizing realm once in a while. All enhance the balanced, cyclic-minimalist sound design of the tough “Fears” and make it glow in a special subdued manner.


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